Psychic Mediums- What You Really Need to Know

Psychic mediums are also commonly referred to as mediumship. This refers to a means through which certain persons communicate with spirits of the departed. Mediums can also enable psychics to communicate with other human beings who are alive but are situated in a different location. While psychic mediums have always existed since the beginning of time, there is no scientific evidence to prove this fact.

There are numerous variations of psychic mediums; the most known form of psychic medium is whereby a spirit assumes control of the psychic’s power of speech and then utilizes it to pass a message, or the medium only ‘listens’ to the message before passing it on. In addition to the mediums mentioned herein, mediumship can entail materialization of the spirit, for example, phantoms or the existence of a voice.

Efforts to try and get in touch with the departed can be traced back to the formation of the earth. However, psychic mediums increased in popularity in the 19th century. Investigations that were carried out in an attempt to try and prove the existence of psychic mediums exposed widespread deception. The investigations revealed that there are fake psychics who employed the tactics used by magicians. As such, the practice of psychic mediums started to lose its appeal to the masses. In spite of this, the practice of mediumship still continues to date.

Authenticity of Psychic Mediums

Over the last couple of years, there have been scientific studies carried out in a bid to try and prove the authenticity of psychic mediums. An experiment was conducted by BPS – British Psychological Society and the final results showed that there were traces of mediumistic capability in the test subjects. Whereas there have been evidences carried out to prove that psychic mediums do exist, the results have been highly criticized. This is because the experiments did not do thorough tests.

One of the experiments that is highly regarded by majorities of parapsychologists as the only real convincing test, entailed recording electroencephalography analyses from 12 different subjects, discovered unusual readings. A number of the recordings bore similarities to the readings recorded from epileptics in spite of the subjects not having experienced epileptic fits in their lives. Moreover, there were not evidences of epilepsy in their families.

Whereas psychic medium capability is something that cannot be corroborated or refuted by simply making use of brain activities, the outcomes of the tests showed that parapsychological occurrences are part and parcel of the functioning of the brain.

The role of psychic mediums is widely regarded as an arbitrator between the realm of the living and the sphere of the departed in spiritualism. Mediums assert that they have the capacity to hear and pass message from the departed. According to spiritualists, psychic mediums are grouped into classes. These are mental and physical mediums.