Psychic Evidence

Is there evidence that psychics really exist? This is one of the most commonly asked questions by majorities of people looking for psychic assistance. While a number of people doubt the existence of psychics, there are several evidences that have proved the existence of psychics since time immemorial. In the prehistoric times, psychics were largely regarded as sorcerers because they had the ability to communicate with the dead. In the bible, King Soul is said to have consulted a psychic in order to know the outcome of a battle he was about to go into since his prophet was late in arriving.

Other than biblical evidence to show the existence of psychics, there are numerous other proofs that exist to show that psychics actually exist. Thanks to technology, we can now prove that psychics actually exist.

A good example of existence of psychics is the twin psychics. These are twin sisters who have worked as professional psychics for more than 20 years. They have been featured on several TV shows just to show the world that psychics really exist. The psychic twins have predicted several things in the past that have come to pass. For example, just before the 9/11 anniversary, the psychic twins predicted that there was a terror plot. This way before the CIA managed to collect enough evidence to prove that this was actually true. The psychic twins have also predicted several breakthroughs in the scientific field such as Stem Cell Research and HIV, which recently discovered that stem cell can be used to fight the HIV virus.

Other than just predicting scientific breakthroughs and assisting law enforcement officers in locating missing persons, the psychic twins have also helped families to reunite after a nasty breakup or after being apart for so many years.

Telephone Medium

What’s more is that there are scientific evidences that prove that psychics do exist. A recent study which was carried out by Windbridge Institute with the aid of telephone medium showed that psychic powers are really genuine. The University of Arizona is also known to have carried out a research to prove the existence of psychics. In its research, the University of Arizona used world renowned psychics such as John Edward as well as George Anderson.

HBO Documentary

To prove that psychics do exist and to clear any doubts that might be there that psychics are just but fraudsters, the outcomes of the research was aired on HBO as a documentary. The documentary received a lot of airplay as there were requests from several quarters to have the film repeated.

Therefore, is there proof that psychics exist? The answer is absolute yes. Other than historic evidences, there are scientific evidences to prove that psychics really exist.